Scope of Medical Service

  • All notifiable infectious diseases – suspected or confirmed
  • HIV/AIDS and pregnant women with HIV/AIDS as referred by KW and NTW Clusters and ITC
  • Infectious diseases as referred by Port Health / CHP / DH
  • New, special or complicated infectious diseases requiring management expertise
  • All forms of childhood TB
  • Cohort of ID Outbreaks

Medical Referral / Consultation

Within PMH Office hours – ID Medical Officer on-call Non-Office hours – On-call MO (4), Dept of M&G (through Telephone Operator on 29901111) Office hours – PID MO / SMO / Consultant Non-Office hours – 1st call MO of PID ward (through Telephone Operator on 29901111)
All HA Hospitals, clinical dept & A&E
Private Hospitals
Port Health Please refer to APPENDIX 1A – Port Health referral documents

* Please refer to APPENDIX 1B - Admission Guidelines to the HAIDC & APPENDIX 1C - TB Referral Guidelines for PTB cases transferred from outside PMH, and the Circular from the Hospital Infection Control Committee for PTB cases transferred from within PMH.

Patient Transportation

When patient transport is necessary, it is important that:

  • Appropriate barrier (such as mask, gowns or PPE) are worn or used by the patient to reduce the opportunity for transmission of diseases to other persons and contamination of the environment
  • Staff in the ID ward are notified of the impending arrival of the patient and of the precaution to be used to reduce the risk of transmission o f the infectious disease
  • Patients are informed of ways by which they can assist in preventing the transmission of their disease to others

For paediatric patients (under 18 years)

  • Office hours – PID MO should contact the PICU MO / SMO for consultation
  • Non-office hours – 1st call MO on-call the PID ward should consult the 2nd / 3rd senior call for opinion
  • For infectious diseases not requiring airborne isolation, the cases will be transferred to the PICU under MO and nurse escort if appropriate facilities are available in the PICU.
  • For all infectious diseases requiring airborne isolation or isolation facilities are not available in the PICU. PICU SMO / Consultant (Office hours) or on call SMO / Consultant (non-office hours) will decide on the need to deploy a team of MO and nurses to set up PICU in the PID ward

Discharge and Follow-up

For adult patients

  • Patient may be discharged to general medical or to home
  • Discharged patient requiring follow up will be seen in the MID clinic in K7 on Wednesday mornings

For paediatric patients (under 18 years)

  • When the isolation period is over, the patient may be transferred back to general ward or original referring unit to continue treatment – with proper arrangement and handover
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