The IDC provides a wide range of services in clinical, epidemiological, infection and outbreak control, public health surveillance and diagnostic, microbiology and vaccinology. These may include:

  • clinical services for notifiable and special ID; emerging ID; referral centre for severe and complex infections; tropical and travel medicine;
  • infections and outbreak control in the hospital and in the community
  • first line surge capacity for wide-spread or local outbreaks of infectious diseases
  • emergency transport out-call service for retrieval of sick patients

As the clinical arm to the Department of Health's (DH), Centre for Health Protection (CHP), the IDC is to liaise and work closely with CHP in managing communicable diseases and community outbreaks through:

  • primary and secondary port health referrals in exotic disease of a traveler
  • surveillance for communicable diseases in schools, elderly homes and other institutions
  • database to monitor trends, detect and investigate outbreak and eliminate sources
  • technical assistance and education to the medical community in controlling
  • communicable diseases
  • research studies to address specific issues related to the control of communicable diseases
  • clinical admission of Human Immuno-deficiency Virus (HIV) AIDS patients from the Integrated Treatment Centre (ITC) for general and obstetric care
  • special ID referral centre for public and private hospitals and clinics

As clinical arm to the Hospital Authority's Central Committee for Infectious Diseases and Emergency Response (CCIDER), the IDC is to collaborate with clinicians as partners to provide technical support for investigation and management of hospital outbreaks and nosocomial infections. An ID Response Team is set up as first responders to assist CCID managing territory-wide outbreaks; such as SARS, avian flu, smallpox and bioterrorism.

As control and command centre for ID outbreaks, the IDC provides real time data collection, analysis and decisions in the assessment and interventions for:

  • modeling the outbreak
  • control measures
  • treatment strategies

As training and research centre for clinical ID and infection control, the IDC shall collaborate with local and international academic institutions and ID experts to develop training programs for clinical and Allied Health (AH) professionals. To build up a team of proficient first respondents, the IDC shall organize special training for the multidisciplinary professionals including ID, IC, Public Health, CP, Social Work and other specialists.

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