The ID Centre is the tertiary referral centre for mapping infectious diseases in Hong Kong. This 17-storey block is equipped with the state of the art facilities providing the highest standards of infection control and isolation facilities. There are altogether 108 isolation beds which include 14 ICU beds. Features of the ID Centre can be best illustrated as below:

Four Basic Principles in the Design of Infection Control Facilities

  • Segregate 'clean' and 'dirty' zones;
  • Contain contamination;
  • Control and remove contaminants;
  • Minimize cross physical contacts.

High Standards of Infection Control and Isolation Facilities

  • 8 floors of negative pressure isolation wards (not less than 12 air change per hour);
  • Distinct 'clean' and 'dirty' cores with lifts and passageways;
  • Level 3 bio-safety laboratory for handling highly infectious specimen;
  • 2 procedure suites for Surgery and Obstetric care;
  • Anteroom between each isolation room and corridor;
  • Airtight doors and windows;
  • Unidirectional air flow with visual pressure monitoring mechanism;
  • High level air supply and low level air exhaust;
  • HEPA filter;
  • CCTV;
  • Seamless Vinyl sheet for walls and floors;
  • Airtight Luminaries and windows;
  • Interlocking Passing Through Hatch;
  • P Phone for tele-visiting;
  • 100% outdoor air supply.
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